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Contact us if you need help

Contact us if you are stuck with writing up your thesis, your presentation or your research proposal or if you experience learning difficulties. Our coaches have a PhD, pedagogical competence and extensive experience in teaching, supervising and helping students. We supervised hundreds of students over the years. Coaching produces much better results than traditional teacher-student processes, such as mentoring or remedial teaching.

Writing is a problem for many students. Difficulties are often due to the lack of a clear, realistic and concise plan. Exhaustion, frustration and demotivation increase the risk of failure and dropout. Each year, ca. 100.000 students in Sweden fail to graduate on time. This should not happen.

We offer a facilitative environment in which we identify challenges and strategies together. We assist with the planning and the development of your thesis, we evaluate the overall quality, merit, relevance and logical consistency of your text and we edit the final version. We help you to become a proficient scientific writer.

Take a look at your website and contact us if you need help. Progress will be swift and your thesis or other work will look great, clear, elegant and to the point.

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