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Editing your thesis

Editing is the final stage of your work. Everything depends on it. Even the most ingenious thesis will never pass if it is not well written. Let a professional edit your PhD or your other thesis. You will gain a lot of time and a meticulous clean-up will make your thesis look great. The work will gain in quality, it will be convincing and elegant. It is wonderful if your PhD is being accepted without having to spend some more months on making corrections.  

Make an appointment with us, let’s talk on Skype or discuss the work by email. Send us one or several chapters or your whole thesis at once. Your work is absolutely safe in our hands. Confidentiality is hundred per cent guaranteed. When editing, we concentrate upon style and formulation. If we read something that is doubtful or incorrect in our opinion, we signal it to you. We remove all misspellings, check all references and make the text flow in flawless English sentences.

Your final result will look clean, finished, elegant, concise and to the point. Unless your supervisor objects to something fundamental, no further revisions will be necessary. Exhale and leave it in our hands for a couple of weeks. Editing a thesis of 80.000 words takes on average two weeks. The price is 130 SEK (13 euro) per thousand words. We edit theses in Swedish, English and Dutch. Your editor has a PhD and is a native speaker. You can contact her or him at any time. Another editor performs a control check before we send the work back to you.

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